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Why I Became a Muslim Stories

by Nancy Ali

I would like to share with any interested readers how I was introduced to Islam and how it became a complete way of life for me.Eleven years ago, I slowly drifted away from any form of organized religion. I did not negate the existence of a Supreme Being but I felt there was a "missing link" which made worship of any kind impossible for me. Up to that point I knew nothing of Islam, The Quran and Muslims. It was through my marriage to a Muslim that he, his family and many Muslim friends introduced me to Islam. The key, which opened my heart, was "La ilaha iliallah. Mohammed-ur-Rasoolillah". THERE IS ONE GOD AND MOHAMMED IS HIS MESSENGER. This is the message of Islam to Mankind. Its explanation is that there exists only one Creator and Mohammed is the Messenger who God inspired to give His human beings guidance and understanding about His uncountable creations. I also discovered that Islam existed from the creation of the Universe and will be with us until the Day of Judgment, and that all Prophets of God until and including Mohammed (PBUH) were all forebearers of one another, and their messages were intertwined rather than separate. We do not acknowledge three different religions but regard them as one continuous message delivered to Mankind during different stages of life. When I began reading the Quran I wanted to under- stand it and found that it came to me with great ease. There was nothing in its contents, which did not compliment the human being and contained no laws, which defied human nature. It is a religion, which can be understood by the literate, and illiterate of the World, though literacy is highly encouraged in Islam. The Quran displays in many Suras God's intention for Mankind to search for knowledge. Six years ago I accepted Islam and am grateful to God that He led me on this search. I am still learning and trying to implement Islam in a better way as its nature is such that it never leaves you feeling as though you have exhausted your knowledge of it. With every new scientific discovery you will find a reference to it in the Holy Quran, and with every new experience the Quran will give you a better approach or solution.

by Samia Shah

Why would anyone choose to change the religion taught to him or her by their parents? As children, we trust our parents to teach us the values and framework needed for our adult life. Oddly enough, it is from these values, which have been instilled into me, that I have chosen to be a Muslim.The greatest realization for me was that Prophet Jesus' mission from Allah was to bring the followers of Prophet Moses back to the straight path. I had already realized that Jesus (PBUH) was building upon the laws of Moses and confirming them until the day he left this earth. What I was not aware of were the alterations made by certain uninspired writers who called themselves "The founders of the Faith". As I discovered Islam, it became apparent that we are all indeed born as Muslims and that I am most thankful to Allah, The Most Merciful for showing me the straight path and giving me the opportunity to serve HIM and perform the work which He has prescribed for me. Allah has given me the strength and wisdom to fight against life's temptations and I pray that He will continue to guide me and keep me on the straight path. I also pray that He will guide all of mankind to the path of Islam. May Allah's peace and blessings be upon you.

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