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The True Significance of Prayer

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

by John C Merenkot, M.D.

Why do we pray? We pray to thank God for whatever He has provided for us. We also pray to ask Him for something in particular for ourselves, loved ones or friends. But the question really remains: How often do we think of God when times are good? All too often we only pray when we feel we are in need of something in particular. How selfish can we be? We have so much to be thankful for-so much that we are hardly ever conscious of all He has provided. Just think of it: our awaking in the morning, our homes, our food, our clothing, our families, our jobs, and our free time. We may complain about our lot, but it is only too easy to think of people who have it much harder than ourselves. When was the last time we thanked Him for something as "simple" as a beautiful day or even for a safe trip home from work? We should constantly remember God is responsible for all that happens. Shouldn't we ask, that whatever we do, we do it with the highest moral principles in mind; in other words, that we should consider each and everything we do as an act of devotion to Him. It is so easy to want more and more out of life, to covet that, which is not, ours, to become jealous of others who have more. Wouldn't it be better if we asked: "Dearest God, help us, give us the strength to accept whatever you want for us, even though this may not be what we want. Help us at such times to persevere-not to abandon our worship of you, but rather let us be constantly reminded that despite all the adversity that may strike us, we will not be tried or tempted beyond our means." Muslims are those people who follow Islam, the way of life and religion in which one pledges and commits himself to the service of God. They are constantly reminded to think of God with everything they do. At least five times each day they must take time out from whatever they are doing, awake or asleep, and remember their Lord, their Creator, their God. Nothing, absolutely nothing can be as important as taking the time to thank God for all He has provided. This concept of prayer is one of the fundamental practices or "pillars" of Islam. It is another example of how Islam is equally applicable here in the U.S.A. as well as anywhere else in the world.

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